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"Contr Terror", it's online shooter, with big choice of maps and weapons. There are more then 20 maps in the game, and about 10 types of weapons for free, including RPG, Snyper Rifle etc. Also enabled any types of vehicles.
Playing in the style of "Counter Strike", but with "GTA" elements. Start the game choice of more than 10 types of free weapons, including RPG. More than 40 large-scale maps in the game. The ability to use vehicles: cars, helicopters, motorcycles, airplanes. Transport is also equipped with an instrument. Rank system: career ladder.
Levels can be modified with the integrated fashion. Press the "M" for mode. Inventory, click the "I". To sit in the transport press "ENTER" at the left driver's door. Shoot from the transport F. For more information, see the games group.