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Free Rally: Vice is a modification of the Free Rally multiplayer series. In this mode, new cars and a huge city are added. Also made a view from third person. You can control your car as a driver and get into someone car as a passenger. There are also places on the map where you can call a helicopter. There some garages with function of repair car.

"P" to show/hide car selector
"WASD", "arrows" to drive on car, heli and to move 3d person
"SPACE" to use the handbrake
"E" to exit/enter from car
"F" to getin/getout in car like passenger
"Q" to pause/play radio
"SHIFT" to use nitro
"G" to get car up
"R" to signal
"V" to seek rocket on helicopter
"I" to start/stop engine on the car
"L" to start/stop engine on the helicopter
"C" to change camera view
"Enter" to type in chat
"ESC" to return to the menu