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"Contr Terror", it's online shooter, with big choice of maps and weapons. There are more then 20 maps in the game, and about 10 types of weapons for free, including RPG, Sniper Rifle etc.
Blackbirds OF
"Дрозд" это онлайн авиационный симулятор, для социальных сетей. В игре задействованы технологии Unity 3D. Наслаждайтесь отличной системой онлайн боя в игре "Дрозд".
Time ZET
Мультиплеерная игра про выживание в постапокалиптическом мире, населенном зомби.
Cobra Online
Cobra Online", its online shooter with nice magazine of weapons for free.
Marine Bombers
"Marine and Bombers" is multiplayer battles on aircrafts, for supremacy on the sea.
Shoot down the enemy planes and collect the bombs, that you can throw at the enemy ships.
Office Strike
In this shooter two girl teams fight for supremacy in the office. Feel yourself in the shoes of an office worker!
Track Race
3D Racing for survival with weapons.
There are 2 multiplayer modes.